What if you could live pain & drug-free? 

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The Secret Evidence, Knowledge and Solution to Becoming Pain & Drug-Free

THE PEOPLE Have Defeated Such Chronic Health Issues As:


Sciatica Nerve


Type ll Diabetes




High Blood Pressure




AND Much More!

Meet The PEOPLE... 


“7 years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and I was told it was hereditary and put on medication. Throughout those seven years, I had major anxiety over it. I felt like I was too young to have this and at any point it was going to take me out. I felt like it was going to eventually kill me. I also had migraines, stomach pain, lumps in my thigh. The doctors had no idea what the lumps were, they through a couple different things out at me that were not the problem at all. So I was reluctant to join EAT THE SUNLIGHT because I tired things in the past that never worked. I finally decided to give it a try and within a couple of months my doctor lowered my medication and two weeks later I was completely off. I feel great, no more high blood pressure after 7 years, no more medication, I’m not in pain anymore, my lumps are gone and the swelling is gone.” 


"So, I inboxed Kevin and told him everything I was going through with my psoriasis, migraines, painful periods and the constant bleeding. I was always having to call out of work and they were going to perform surgery on me. So Kevin says you do not have to do this. You don’t have to have the surgery, you don’t have to go through this, why don’t you come and work with me with the Eat the Sunlight program. Within thirty days, my migraines were gone. Thirty days after that my psoriasis was gone. It was a few months, about ninety days when the fibroid started to shrink. I’m out there telling other people about the program. I’m constantly promoting it and letting people know that this program works!"


"For two years I suffered from intestinal pains that would literally paralyze me. I would have to hold my breath, lay down flat on my stomach until it passed. So, I had black blemishes mostly on my armpits like on the bottom here. Which I probably never worse short sleeve because of it, I thought that I would never be able to. I also suffered from fatigue where every morning was five more minutes, I’m too tired to do this too tired to do that. Since I did the Eat the Sunlight program, the intestinal pains are gone, the blemishes on my skin are gone and I feel like every day is a great day and I’m ready to start it."

In This Eye-Opening Book 

You'll Discover: 

-- Actual people who have healed and shocked their doctors

-- Parasites, fungus and mucoid matter

-- The difference between chronic & acute and why knowing this plays a factor with healing yourself 

 - America’s prescription drug problem

-- The secret food that's meant for the human species

-- Cellular regeneration 

-- Why protein = pain

--Dr. Reese's personal story of suffering & healing

-- How to de-stress to help the healing process

-- Why detox is an ancient method, not just a buzz word

-- How "they" socially engineered us as kids

-- The revolutionary ETS120 Course, revealed for the first time!

... and much, MUCH More!

Meet More People...


"So, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers. It made it so I couldn’t go about my daily activities. I was always in pain my stomach was always burning. Every time I ate it was irritated. They also found that I had a pre-cancerous cyst on my pancreas, so I had to have half my pancreas removed along with my spleen. After surgery every time I ate my pancreas would swell up. I had a lot of pain in that area. I was always tired all the time, just sluggish, wasn’t myself anymore. I did the Eat the Sunlight program and now I’m full of energy, my pancreas doesn’t get swollen anymore. IBS is gone, my ulcer is gone and I feel great."


“So for 30 years I had inhalers for my asthma. Certain things would trigger my asthma like allergies, seasons changing, minor colds. An asthma attack feels like I’m going to stop breathing. Like my chest is so tight, it feels so heavy like my lungs are just going to give out on me. It’s not a good feeling. After doing the EAT THE SUNLIGHT program, I no longer have to use any of my inhalers, I no longer have asthma attacks. I feel so much better. My allergies to pets are much better, they don’t trigger my asthma, my eyes don’t start burning or itching anymore. I also had eczema for about 18 years now and since doing the EAT THE SUNLIGHT program I haven't had any eczema outbreaks at all.”


“For 5 years I suffered with chronic stomach cramping. It felt like someone was twisting my insides and stabbing me constantly. It changed my life by making me scared to go outside, scared to go to family events and just constantly scared of eating anything. I also had chronic kidney infections which affected my life by constantly sending me the hospital with high fevers and undescribable pain. Another thing was for over 10 years I had triglycerides and high cholesterol that were out of control. Since doing the EAT THE SUNLIGHT program my stomach cramping is completely gone, my kidney infections are gone, my triglycerides dropped over 100 points and my cholesterol is on its way down. The doctors were completely shocked and I amazed everyone including myself.”   

The 3 Key Sections to this 

Life-Changing Book:

1. The Evidence:

The book starts with Dr. Reese interviewing THE PEOPLE who took his revolutionary ETS120 program and defeated such chronic health issues as; migraines, psoriasis, gastritis, asthma, allergies, IBS, type ll diabetes, sciatica nerve pain, eczema, sleep apnea, colitis and more.


Dr. Reese then goes on to explain how the human body functions at the cellular level and teaches how to heal through diet, de-stressing and detoxing.


Dr. Reese then reveals his 120 day course that created these eye-opening results in the first place. Now, more sufferers can fight and become part of THE PEOPLE.

But That's Not All!

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Exclusive Recipe Videos & Meditation Downloads That Go Hand-And-Hand With the ETS120 Course Inside the Book!

Meet Even More People...


"My allergies started after my second child. To the point where I thought I was dying, I thought my throat was closing up. My ears were closing up, my nose would close up and I was pumping myself up with Benadryl and they just happened, you don’t know when they’re going to happen. I had a seven-millimeter kidney stone that they had to do surgery to get out. It doesn’t go away, so you have to take pain medication and you have to take medication to relax the ureter and then I had to take some other medication. I was on like four different medications for that alone. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t lie on my back I couldn’t lie on my side, it was just constant pain in here. So, since being on the Eat the Sunlight program, I’ve had no allergies, no allergy attacks, no kidney attacks, no kidney stones and I’ve been off all medications."


"I had high blood pressure, I had high cholesterol and I had fatty liver. The levels were very high and I wasn’t feeling good at all. I was fatigued constantly, no matter how much I worked out I was fatigued. I couldn’t understand it. The doctor kept telling me that if she doesn’t see any changes that she was going to be obligated to give me medication. I kept asking her to give me another chance, give me another chance. After joining Eat the Sunlight, finally after 120 days my liver inflammation went down. The AST level went down sixty points and the ALT levels went down eighty-five points. The blood pressure went down as well, cholesterol went down, I’m energetic, I’m happy and I recommend it."


"10 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I couldn't work, I couldn't walk right, I was always in pain and I couldn’t spend time with my daughter. I also was diagnosed with Psoriasis, it was all over my body and that was painful emotionally. I was also diagnosed with diabetes and I think it was due to the prednisone. I was taking like 10 prescriptions medications and now I’m down to 3! Because of the ETS program I feel way better now. I feel awesome, I have more energy, I am stronger, my IBS is gone, my A1c is down from 7.0 to 6.0, my acid reflux is gone, my psoriasis diminished, my RA pain diminished and I lost a total of 40 pounds. Thank goodness for the ETS program!" 

Have You Ever Seen Results Like This Backed Up By Video?

Meet Dr. Reese:

Kevin W. Reese Ph.D has guided and inspired thousands of people to reclaim their health through his seminars, books and revolutionary programs. Before becoming a health professional, he was an unhealthy on-air radio host at CBS. After reclaiming his own health, he switched careers and starting working with chronic illness clients in 2012. After working with almost every chronic health issue there is, he developed a course for sufferers called, the ETS120. Dr. Reese captured his students results on video which eventually turned into the book, THE PEOPLE vs CHRONIC ILLNESS. 

A member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), Dr. Reese holds degrees and certifications from Eastern CT State University, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the International School of Detoxification and the University of Natural Health.

But Wait...
There's More People!?

Watch these emotional podcast episodes where Dr. Reese interview's some champions who completed his ETS120 course and found their FREEDOM. 

Grissel vs. Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Grissel who went from 16 meds to ZERO! In this emotional story, we hear how this mother of 7 had to miss family events because she was isolated in a dark room from horrible migraine attacks. We also hear about her brain surgery and how she went back n forth to her Doctors for her Lupus.

Sissi vs. Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Sissi who couldn't walk or use the bathroom from a sudden case of Transverse Myelitis. In this emotional interview, her sister joins us to help tell the story which includes fibromyalgia, chronic swelling and constipation that had Sissi bed ridden and scared for her life.

Samantha vs. Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Samantha who's Eczema was so harsh her hands would get infected. But when the doctor only treated her symptoms with steroid cream, she became suspicious. As a bartender, she also struggled with coffee addiction, alcohol and a fast paced lifestyle, until she did the ETS120 program.

So, Are You Willing To Fight For Your Freedom!?